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The Technical Writer is a key role within the product team.  Responsible for delivering high quality technical and customer-facing documentation, your work will provide critical guidance to both internal stakeholders and our customers by contributing to the overall success of our product offerings and the technology that drives them.  Working collaboratively with the product team to make our products easier to use and implement your work will create the sound documentation that users will consume.  Proactively working with our product management, product delivery teams and customers, this role will also help improve the usability, quality and delivery of our documentation by successfully executing on multiple projects from concept to publication under tight deadlines and changing conditions while coordinating input from numerous sources.

Success in this role will require the Technical Writer to think critically, see gaps in products or processes and show initiative and good judgment in documenting what’s important while working to continue to evolve the delivery of documentation / content related to these solutions.


This role’s mission role has two core areas of focus related to creating content and documentation for our users: (1) Overseeing and managing the creation of documentation and supporting content (WHAT gets documented) that will help provide our internal stakeholders and customers with well documented and highly usable content that enables a best in class product experience.  (2) helping envision, deploy and mature how our product documentation is delivered (HOW it gets delivered) to support best in class consumer engagement/communications models that will sustain the growth of our products and drive new revenue. 

OUTCOMES (the “What”)

  • Creates of content and associated materials (documentation) that supports and explains the use and adoption of new products, features and API endpoints through collaboration with product management and delivery.
  • Reimagines and deploys standard processes, procedures and tools for the creation and delivery of content that documents our overall product and systems from planning through release.
  • Continually reviews and maintains the product content and associated materials by keeping them up to date, relevant and accurate.
  • Creates visual artifacts and dynamic content where needed that will provide enhanced clarity and augment written materials.
  • Works with subject matter experts, to identify, revise, document and clarify content associated with areas that are known to be difficult to understand and/or cases of incidents in order to help avoid them in the future.
  • Achieves and maintains content quality through rigorous testing and review, as well as curation and performance analysis.

VALUES (the “How”)

At Alegeus, equally important to the “What” (the individual performance goals that each employee commits to in support of the company’s overall success) is the “How” (the framework of principles that guide how we work together to drive our business forward).  Overall performance success will also reflect individual delivery of our corporate values: 

  • Care personally. We connect personally to our "why" - are passionate and purposeful
  • Put the end-user first. When we put the end-user first, we believe the rest falls into place
  • Consistently challenges the status quo. We believe that the best solutions haven’t been discovered yet
  • Practice the art of inspection. We will turn over every stone to gain deeper insight to guide our actions
  • Solve the real problem. We will constantly orient on the true issue at hand and accurately and fully address


  • All responsibilities for this role will be in service of the Outcomes listed above
  • Responsible for the implementation and effectiveness of product content creation and documentation for internal stakeholders and customers for products and solutions within the Product Management Lifecycle operating model (inclusive of processes, supporting tools and technology, resources and metrics)
  • Oversees the cadence and process of creating, revising, updating and delivering documentation, user guides and other technical materials
  • Seeks and implements best practice operating processes across Product Management Lifecycle
  • Write quality documentation in a consistent voice that is appropriate for its intended audience.
  • Defines and meets metrics and objectives for content creation and documentation delivery on a regular cadence
  • Collaborate with Product Owners, Product Managers and User Experience teams to ensure consistency of messaging.



  • Two to five years of technical writing experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Demonstrated experience and knowledge in producing enterprise quality documentation for solutions, products and APIs.
  • Excellent written / verbal communication skills and process / product documentation skills with the ability to articulate complex concepts that are intuitive to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Ability to pass an assessment that demonstrates your ability to take a complex task and document it in a way that makes it easy enough that anyone could accomplish it.
  • A demonstrated track record for accomplishing goals and meeting deadlines, excellent attention to detail, and strong prioritization skills
  • Ability to elicit information needed from customers, developers and other product team members.


  • You have publicly available technical writing samples.
  • You are fluent in reading and writing in at least 1 programming language. (e.g. Ruby, Python, Go, bash).
  • You are comfortable and familiar with modern infrastructures such as SaaS cloud services and containers.
  • You can transform dry technical topics into engaging, informative, and interesting educational materials.
  • Consumer Directed Healthcare or Healthcare experience
  • You experience working with modern information delivery applications (e.g.: SharePoint, Teams, SalesForce, FreshDesk)
  • You have experience in producing visuals that aid in understanding the technical content you write (e.g. diagrams, business process flows).


  • A passion for healthcare, financial services, behavioral economics, consumerism and/or any combination of these disciplines
  • Strong bias towards action - can efficiently drive documentation projects to conclusion through proactive planning, extremely high attention to detail, and holding stakeholders accountable
  • Expert coach – has a passion and disposition for coaching team members on using new processes and tools
  • Leadership – Humble, hungry and empathetic leader; with a demonstrated ability to work effectively cross-functionally and respectfully challenge the status quo
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