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Apple is where people do the best work of their careers. Work that has an impact on individuals and the world. Work that is challenging and fulfilling. Work that doesn’t always feel like work.

This role is part of the Human Interface Design team for Apple Services, which includes media products, creator tools, cloud and commerce services, and productivity apps.

We’re searching for a UX Writer to design new and better experiences across our services through the lens of language. Specifically, this role will focus on App Store Connect and its related suite of tools — tools that help developers around the world upload, submit and manage their apps.

Key Qualifications

  • Have an unrelenting passion for user-focused product experiences.
  • Want to further the vision of App Store Connect, letting people view sales reports, access app analytics, perform user testing with TestFlight, and do more than they ever thought possible with their apps and ideas.
  • Are curious about every piece of a user journey, from error states to success criteria.
  • Oscillate between left- and right-brained writing, from storytelling to systematic thinking.
  • Know how to work with wireframes and functional specs.
  • Are interested in proposing what’s right only after exploring why everything else might be wrong.
  • Develop well-informed points of view, while also remaining open to adjustments based on input from others.
  • Can write from scratch, edit existing copy, and think beyond the written word with input from multiple team members.
  • Think long-term, but act quickly.
  • Are comfortable managing several projects simultaneously.
  • Deliver passionate and impactful presentations at all levels of an organization.
  • Collaborate and build relationships across product functions, demonstrating an ability to circulate and advocate for language.
  • Dream about positively affecting the lives of millions of people, and like waking up to the responsibilities that come with that.
  • Have inexhaustible attention to detail.
  • Enjoy contributing to and implementing style guides and shared nomenclature across Apple services.
  • Know and are excited about evolving the Apple ecosystem of hardware, software, and services.

The Writing arm of our Human Interface Design team works across services and products, including ones that are currently available and ones that are just barely being imagined. As a UX Writer embedded within the Developer Tools team, you’ll be responsible for many things, including:

  • Working closely with Human Interface Design leadership to develop design visions and strategies.
  • Learning and streamlining the vernacular used by amateur and expert developers.
  • Building close relationships with folks working on various aspects of the developer and consumer sides of our App Store ecosystem.
  • Working on feature development, naming, user flows, product logic, and education.
  • Boiling down complex systems into coherent, concise, and compelling interface copy.
  • Collaborating with cross-functional partners and senior leadership to define and execute our product roadmap.
  • Spending time with QA, Legal, and Localization teams to ensure content appears properly for every audience.
  • Addressing feedback and improving the performance of our content and customer experience.

Education & Experience

  • BA/BS or equivalent experience
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