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  • High Growth
  • Work with the Owner
  • Anywhere in the World
  • Hire and Grow Your Own Team
  • Train and Grow (Apprenticeship Style)

Hi there! My name is Karl, one of the owners of Dreamgrow. I’m hiring a Content Manager who has experience writing and managing writers. The new hire will be working with me as kind of an apprentice to be brought up to speed with lots of opportunities to learn new skills and strategies. Once things get going, we’ll continue to work together to grow the site and our content systems.

About Us

Dreamgrow used to be the biggest social media marketing blog in the world and is now a leading online marketing and entrepreneurship resource. The site was acquired by a group of partners a few years ago. Since its acquisition, they have grown the site 10X and they hope to grow it even more.

The site makes most of its revenue through affiliate partnerships. The site is well established and needs new, consistent, quality content every week to continue its growth. This new, quality content is the only bottleneck right now.

The partner who is leading the growth, Karl, is looking for a Content Manager who can help with this growth. He’s well established in both the content marketing and SEO space.

Karl is hiring a Content Manager with writing and management experience who can come in and help grow a team of writers. Karl will be working closely with the new hire, bringing them up to speed, and providing the resources they need to succeed.

When the new hire begins, they’ll start off with familiarizing themself with the site. They will then begin looking for new writers and setting up trials, deciding which ones to continue to work with. There are systems in place for all of this for the new hire to use. The new Content Manager will also be working with Karl, the owner, to help guide them through everything.

After the new hire is up to speed, they’ll continue to grow and manage their team of writers. The SEO and Keyword Research is ready so the most important part will be finding talented writers and helping them get better.

The articles will be around 4-5k words each. Here’s an example article.

The goal is to have at least 5-7 great writers who are actively working on new content.

Day to Day

  • Always be hiring, looking for new writers
  • Managing the content team
  • Making sure writers stick to high standards
  • Give them feedback and train them 
  • The ultimate KPI is how much good quality content is being published, which they’ll report to the owner.

Long Term

This site has much more potential to grow. The goal with the new hire is that they’ll help grow the site rapidly. We will aim for a team of 5 writers to start but it’s highly possible we’ll have a team of many more.

Karl is available to train the new hire and help them grow with the site. The only bottleneck right now is the amount of quality content that is being published so we want to do what we can to remove this and help the site grow.

Who You Are

We need someone with experience in producing high-quality written content, editorial work, and managing an efficient team. SEO knowledge is not as important - there are processes in place for this and Karl will be there to train you. What’s most important is being able to recognize great content and push your writing team towards that.


  • Native English (or extremely close)
  • 1-3 years of writing and editing high-quality content
  • Good people/management skills
  • Nice to Have: understanding of the online business space.
  • You can be located anywhere in the world
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