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As a Content Strategist, you’ll work alongside extremely smart people who are unafraid of finding and solving big problems. You’ll dive in to work deeply with Gitwit’s Discovery, Story, and Concept teams — often becoming the link between them — to take insights unearthed from research and develop content to achieve a specific goal in the market.

In the day-to-day, this will look like collaborating on digital research projects and interviewing clients and customers to dig for insights, as well as participating in and beginning to lead creative concepting sessions for content ideas. Often, you’ll be the lead in organizing these ideas and articulating them to the team and to the client. 

You’ll be heavily relied upon for writing across all content and format types across all types of channels — social ad copy, website copy, video scripts, email marketing campaigns, presentation decks, and more. You’ll be expected to be able to create multiple versions of the same copy and bring fresh, creative ideas to the table again, and again, and again. 

You will work across many different projects, for wildly different B2B and B2C clients, sometimes all within the same day — requiring creative energy and skillful context switching.

About You

If you’re still reading, you likely are eager to work alongside wildly creative people, who, like you, get excited by telling stories and building brands. 

  • You love to start a sentence with, “OK, this is gonna sound nuts, but hear me out…” And not only do you tend to have big, bold ideas — you’re able to come up with quite a few of them in a creative brainstorming session.
  • You’re a strong writer. You feel confident using words to convey strategies and creative ideas, and you have experience writing for brands and across deliverables like video scripts, ad copy, website copy, and blog articles. You’re not afraid to try all sorts of approaches and ideas and you can go into the weeds without losing steam. 
  • You have experience creating marketing content and you understand, at a high level, how channels like Facebook/Instagram + LinkedIn + Google Search + Google Display might work together to form messaging strategies. You know how to tailor messaging to different platforms and audiences. 
  • You’re curious and love asking questions to drill down to find all the pieces you need to craft a story. You can look at a set of metrics on a digital campaign and can brainstorm ways to experiment and optimize messaging to make it more compelling.
  • People often say that you’re well spoken, good at leading meetings, and do a great job at talking through ideas. You spend most of your creative time straddling the ‘Why are we doing this?’ and ‘What if we did this’ trains of thought. 
  • You are radically imaginative, yet deadly logical.

About Us

Gitwit is a full-service innovation company with the unique ability to rapidly create and transform products, brands, businesses, and causes. We are a 35+ person (and quickly growing) team of researchers, strategists, technologists, writers, designers, animators, data scientists, and engineers. 

Creativity and discipline flow into our after-work hours, too. We are muralists, marathoners, cyclists, wood-workers, moms, dads, tae-kwon-do students, calligraphers, YouTube-reviewers, florists, recovering news-reporters, cooks, and published authors.

Because we have the team to create both products and communications, our speed and impact are greatly increased. Experiences and stories are never disconnected and weakened by the typical disjuncture between the two. With us, no time or insights are lost in hand-offs or in silos between teams or companies.

Our culture is completely based on how creativity and innovation work. As a result, we unleash talented people to find better problems and solve them by generating a large quantity and diversity of ideas in a highly collaborative, no bureaucratic bullshit environment. 

Organizations hire us to do what they can’t, which is to help new ideas achieve escape velocity and make a difference for the company and its customers -- instead of having them succumb to the usual pulls of organizational gravity such as politics, fear, and short attention spans. We get things off the ground and build momentum in organizations and the marketplace.

In the last year, we’ve coordinated teams across the globe to shoot documentaries and lead strategy workshops for global, billion-dollar corporations. We’ve also had a hand in many notable local projects — creating the Tulsa Flag, getting Elon Musk’s attention in a bid for a Tesla factory, naming city districts, working with local museums and fellowships.

When you join our team, we promise a few things:

  • Competitive pay 
  • The best benefits available 
  • Great office space and amenities
  • Generous vacation 
  • Casual dress
  • A dog-friendly workplace

We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our community. Gitwit does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or military status.

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Gitwit is a full-service innovation company. We build, launch, and transform products and brands.
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