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At medical leverage, we are passionate about improving life through communications. We are a 20-year-old fully remote company that partners with life science companies to educate health care providers and ultimately improve patients’ lives. Our growing company is made up of highly driven and supportive people that exemplify our core values: Client Mindset, Strategic Thinker, Positive Attitude, Striving for Excellence, Driven to Succeed and Accountable in Every Way.

As part of the medical leverage team, the Content Strategist in the Strategic Solutions department will be responsible for developing materials and ensuring the content is in line with client objectives and needs. The content will be based on a client strategy, or brand objectives, and the end user’s needs. You will propose final deliverables, oversee content requirements, produce content outlines/guidelines, and oversee the production team/process. You will direct content teams of both employees and freelancers who work in collaboration as writers, designers, illustrators, instructional designers, programmers, producers, editors, etc.  


  • Produce project brief, content outlines and content direction files
  • Write content when required
  • Coordinate calls/meetings/milestones with the project manager
  • The main point of communication with the client on content and creative deliverables
  • Communicate consistently with the project manager to address risk factors
  • Attend client meetings as needed (remote or in-person)
  • Develop and/or approve materials prior to client submission
  • Collaborate on the LMR (legal, medical, regulatory) client review alongside the project manager
  • Maintain files on the company network to ensure all information is accessible to the team¬†
  • Other duties as assigned¬†


  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience
  • Advanced degrees are a plus (MBA, MD, PhD, PharmD, or similar)
  • Approximately five years of pharmaceutical industry experience including the areas of marketing, sales, medical, and/or training
  • Experience working with a life sciences company (manufacturer, device)
  • Experience as a supplier to the life sciences industry (agency, medical communications)
  • Ability to travel on occasion
  • Computer skills required: Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe


  • Quality Focus¬†- Assuring quality standards are met within appropriate specifications by accurately checking processes and tasks over time; Is proactive in anticipating potential omissions, errors, defects, snags, obstacles, or hurdles; Displays a critical eye and fine-tuned, astute attention to detail to check accuracy and thoroughness; Monitors and takes action or notifies appropriate others of quality problems or issues.
  • Design¬†- Generates creative solutions; Translates concepts and information into images; Uses feedback to modify designs; Applies design principles; Demonstrates attention to detail.
  • Problem Solving¬†- Using problem analysis skills to identify and define issues for resolution and choosing optimum courses of action; Involves appropriate and relevant personnel in decision-making opportunities; Provides sound rationale for decisions; Considers the impact on both direct and indirect parties; Identifies alternative courses of action considering implications and consequences; Selects and implements ideal or at least appropriate solutions, remediation, or mitigation plans; Avoids excessive wagering between options; Commits to timely, specific courses of action even when working and conferring within people groups of conflicting or differing opinions.
  • Client Focus¬†- Anticipating, understanding, and fulfilling customer needs and expectations by providing excellent direct and indirect service; Acknowledges the customer and clarifies needs or the situation promptly; Solicits input or feedback to develop mutually beneficial solutions and service; Meets or exceeds customers' needs in a timely manner; Confirms and ensures satisfaction with necessary follow-up; Manages emotional and upset customers with courtesy, empathy, tact and professionalism; Uses interpersonal skills to maintain current and enhance the ongoing relationship.
  • Teamwork¬†- Working effectively as part of a team through the practices of subordination, support, and cooperation; Subordinates personal interests or motives for the sake of the team objectives and goals; Cooperates fully to assist in work completion; Offers help and support proactively; Encourages team success and spirit; Provides and solicits input and feedback.
  • Communication¬†- Conveying and receiving information and ideas efficiently and effectively through a variety of organizational mediums; Organizes communication using a logical sequence; Maintains audience attention with engagement techniques e.g., illustrative anecdotes and analogies, sharing examples, written/verbal inflection, voice inflection/body language etc.; Adjusts to the audience level by framing messages in sync with audience experiences, backgrounds and expectations; Comprehends communication; Ensures understanding by seeking input and checking for understanding; Restates information; Encodes and decodes messages and information accurately; Adheres to accepted conventions by using appropriate mechanics syntax, pace, volume, diction, and mechanics.


  • Frequently required to sit and effectively utilize computer
  • Required to maintain effective, quiet and safe workspace at home


  • At Medical Leverage, our workplace is flexible, family-oriented and places high importance on work-life balance. The engaging and rewarding nature of the work that we do is evident in the enthusiasm employees bring to their work every day. Overall, Medical Leverage has a commitment to integrity, a commitment to client satisfaction, and a commitment to employee satisfaction and development.
  • Medical Leverage is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer (Minorities/Females/Vet/Disabled)
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