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Learn about the role from the hiring manager Kylie Hansen, Director of UX Content Design

Senior+ UX Content Design Manager | Apply

At Microsoft, we believe people should love their work tools. Our mission is to design business apps and products and tools for devs and IT pros that are as eenjoyable and easy to use as the best consumer experiences. And we know that product design only becomes great when every task is made simple, clear, and flows naturally from one concept to the next. That’s where you come in!

Join our studios as a UX Content Design Manager to lead and grow a squad of product content strategists—whether for an entire product line or a studio of interrelated products. All manager roles come with direct reports and/or headcount so you can come in and build your very own dream team!

With 650+ people and 100+ products, we’ve got plenty of roles and spaces to choose from. Apply, and our leaders will help you find your perfect fit!

((Interested in a role as a product content designer instead? We have those, too: Senior UX Content Designer: Apply))

Passionate about simplifying technology? Same.

Complexity brings out your curiosity. You’re a seriously seasoned Content Designer who loves creating deceptively simple software—the kinds of experiences that feel efficient, effortless, and rewarding because you’ve sweated every detail and distilled every concept down to its purest, simplest form.

You know the power of great information hierarchy, clear terminology, and navigation—and can speak to how carefully crafted UX flows can transform the customer journey from confusing to intuitive. Informing and evolving that journey with insights from research and data is second nature to you.

Yes, you know and love the cloud

While you love simple, your skillset is anything but. You’ve made apps from scratch as part of an interdisciplinary product design team in cloud, business, enterprise, or developer spaces. With a diverse skillset and loads of experience, you trust your approach and ability to figure out the best next action without a lot of second guessing or hand holding. You collaborate with ease (up/down/across) and are adept at influencing using loads of optimism, a hunger for feedback, a retractable ego, and growth mindset.

Dropdown or radio buttons? UI text or tooltip?

Your communications chops are interaction specific. You understand the concepts of drilling down, reducing friction, and offering bits of guidance right when—and only when—it’s needed. You know the value of using and contributing to design patterns, UI toolkits, and style guides to keep product teams aligned so content stays consistent, cohesive, and intentional.


  • Building a working understanding of Microsoft’s whole product portfolio strengthens domain knowledge, and can save you time, effort—and even earn you vital support from other teams.
  • Working within design systems: People will seek you out for answers on Microsoft’s brand voice, content style standards, terminology, common UI and interaction patterns, feature naming, and more.
  • Success here means questioning assumptions (or at least testing them!) and pushing beyond what’s familiar. You’ll explore, validate, test, iterate, and adapt experiences to drive customer usage and satisfaction.
  • Some products and features ship fast and get fine-tuned over time, while others involve longer timeframes and multiple teams and decision makers. Regardless of cadence, you’re a constant collaborator and your design input is critical to the product’s success at every juncture.
  • You may be collaborating with partner teams across geos/regions, with different cultures and perspectives—something we think results in products that work better for everyone.
  • Our promise: We’ll support you and set you up for success—and regularly remind you how much we value your unique contributions to business impact and the success of products and projects.
  • All of us, as we are: Microsoft’s cultural values of inclusion, respect, accountability, and integrity reflect the culture we aspire to live every day.


  • 8+ years of combined experience in content-focused roles—including 3+ years as a product-focused content strategist, content designer or UX writer.
  • Demonstrated experience crafting product user interfaces across a range of platforms including desktop, cloud services, and mobile.
  • Your excellence in product content design and strategy gets your apps noticed and appreciated—and your senior skillset shows in your playbook of uniquely honed tools, approaches, and solutions.
  • You’re fluent in design tools like Figma, Sketch, InVision, or similar. (We use Figma.)
  • You embrace research and data—it’s second nature to collaborate with User Researchers and present customer-based, data-informed rationale for your ideas.
  • You’re innately curious. About design, about the customer landscape—you fuel your imagination with things big and small, so you can apply what you know to solve new problems.
  • Communication skills that extend to your relationships. You know building relationships both within and beyond your team is key for driving impact-oriented collaboration—and ultimately making a difference for customers.
  • A growth mindset—there’s always more to learn. Confidence and humility can coexist. You’re quick to own mistakes (we all make them) and willing to reconsider and explore ideas.
  • A portfolio of work demonstrating experience managing a team in creating user-centered design solutions is a requirement for application. (Either upload your portfolio with your application or include a link to it on your resume or LinkedIn profile.)

If this sounds like you, give that product-savvy skillset of yours the global reach it deserves! Be sure to include a link to your LinkedIn profile and include your UX content design portfolio with at least three of your most relevant examples be they products, apps, or feature workflows, content strategy projects, or work samples from your leadership playbook.

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