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Who we are

We exist to make investing in the private markets as easy as Robinhood did for public stocks.

More and more people invest in private equity and venture capital every day. Even though this asset class has been around for decades, it wasn't built to handle this volume of investors. Signing up for Robinhood? It takes two minutes. Investing in a VC fund? You've got to fill out a 200-question questionnaire each time that you make an investment. The forms aren't standardized and not every question applies to every investor. Investors miss questions or answer the wrong ones and then have to redo the entire thing. 

We built a TurboTax-style workflow for investors to only see the questions that matter to them and see every question that matters to them to make fund closing (i.e. the process of investing into a VC fund) easy. Our world record document completion time is two minutes.

That may sound boring but we've processed billions of dollars for thousands of investors. And by having an investor run through our workflow, we capture their identity so we can allow them to repurpose it wherever they'd like in the future. We call this an "investor profile" and it's the whole reason we built this business. This is the first fund workflow that we're automating. 

The impact you’ll have

As the first marketing hire, you’ll be responsible for getting Passthrough’s message out across owned properties, social media, press, and anywhere else the conversation is happening. We have ideas about what’s impactful, but you’ll have the independence to design the plan that you think will work. This role reports directly to the CEO.

We’ve grown to hundreds of customers on the strength of referrals. You have the opportunity to amplify those successes and steer the conversation of what’s happening in the private capital markets.

The problems you’ll solve

  • Define a strategy for how content can be used to fuel our efforts from the highest level of brand building to how to engage bottom-funnel deals to close, including developing and managing Passthrough’s content strategy, devising new ideas, and writing/editing original content
  • Ensure that the quality bar on all our content is world-class and that it speaks to our audiences in creative and engaging ways
  • Ensure that our content marketing efforts drive growth, and as much as possible, be able to report on their impact so we know we’re moving the needle. This includes testing the quality of content across platforms to improve how content performs across channels
  • Build repeatable processes and manage the content roadmap to delivery so that the team is efficient and effective in how it operates
  • Arm the sales, SDR, and partnerships team with the campaigns and content it needs to engage prospects, clients, and partners
  • Develop a community among investor relationship professionals by providing a space where they can share what’s working (and what isn’t)
  • Run social media accounts (Twitter + LinkedIn) where customers, partners, and investors are paying attention
  • Partner with outside agencies to coordinate paid channel acquisition and evaluate funnel performance
  • Represent Passthrough live with customers, partners, and prospects through video interviews, customer events, or somewhere else

Desired Qualifications

You’ll thrive in this role if you:

  • Are based in New York (preferred) or on the east coast (this is a hard requirement)
  • Have experience working at startups in a hybrid content/paid/product marketing role
  • Have experience leading and managing content strategies (with an extra plus if performed in partnership with an agency as well)
  • Write well and edit with a clear point of view while developing and executing new ideas
  • Previously shaped a brand’s footprint through content
  • Enjoy working cross-functionally with sales, partnerships, products, and more
  • Have a background in SaaS or B2B software industry with a top-down sales motion
  • Have experience connecting the pieces of marketing automation together without being a marketing ops expert
  • Work well in a rapidly changing environment

Nice to have

  • 3+ years of work experience in VC/PE, fintech, wealth tech, legal, or adjacent industry

If you don’t meet 100% of the above qualifications, you should still seriously consider applying. Studies show that you can still be considered for a role if you meet just 50% of the role’s requirements.

What to expect in the hiring process

We go through the same interview steps for all lead content marketer candidates to ensure equity in our hiring process. All roles also require a background check.

Our process is designed to learn as much about each candidate as possible, as well as to give candidates access to our team and learn about what it's like to work at Passthrough.

  1. Initial screen: 20-30 minute chat with our CEO and co-founder Tim to learn more about each other
  2. Case study: Quick homework assignment where you’ll prepare the first couple of paragraphs of a blog post and a light promotion plan. We ask that you turn it around in a day or so. It shouldn't take you more than an hour. 
  3. Onsite Interview: 30-minute behavioral interviews with our COO & co-founder Ben, partnerships lead, and one other person that you’ll interact with on a regular basis. Expect “tell me about a time when” questions. There’s also a 30-minute live case study with Tim where you’ll discuss another company’s content strategy.
  4. Get a decision: We’ll get back to you within a week on what’s next
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Fund closing simplified.
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