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Senior User Experience Writer

Rapid7 Boston, MA
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Job description

The Security Orchestration, Automation, & Response (SOAR) team at Rapid7 is looking for a spirited User Experience Writer to plan, track, and create connected learning and content experiences for our customers. We're seeking a writer that deeply understands customer challenges, expertly leverage data to inform content decisions, and ensures that content is effective and contextual. You'll be part of an experienced and fun team of user experience professionals who are deeply embedded within cross-functional teams, and taking a leadership role in how we all approach and collaborate around content holistically.

About the Team

As a Senior UX Writer, you'll be an integral part of the SOAR UX team, as well as the lively UX Writing community at Rapid7 spanning multiple divisions in the company. You'll be part of a team who genuinely cares about people: both those who use our product as well as our colleagues who help make it. You'll be surprised at how many thoughtful questions about content you'll hear from engineers, product managers, and customer-facing roles—and their readiness to collaborate to make things better. You'll work directly with team members in Belfast, Northern Ireland; Boston, MA, and Tampa, FL, as well as other locations around the world.

We don't require cybersecurity experience. It's nice to have, but ultimately we're looking for an experienced writer with great UX instincts that can identify needs across products and content. We know there will be a ramp-up period and will support your journey into this exciting field! 

In this role, you'll create critical experiences that educate, guide, and support our customers in their quest to secure their organizations—an exciting and challenging opportunity for orchestration and automation in particular due to the generalized nature of the space. An example of your biggest problem: the number one thing our customers come to us after purchasing our products is, “this is great; what should I be doing with it?” We believe with strong conviction that content has the power to help solve that problem for our customers and help them see the very real opportunity in this space.

You'll collaborate directly with teams and individual UX leads to support our experiences, as well as help to drive our broader content strategy. That might include large-scale content projects, diving into existing or new research to identify user education needs, and designing and implementing content experiences that meet those needs.

In this role, you will:

  • Own the SOAR Content Strategy: above all, you take ownership of the connected content experiences across the SOAR ecosystem, from in-product to documentation to education and beyond. You are adept at systems thinking and drawing the lines that connect the dots for users.
  • Partner with Cross-Functional Roles: work directly with your peers in UX, Engineering, and Product counterparts to ensure we deliver consistent and unifying content experiences throughout our product and platform ecosystem.
  • Enable Everyone to Write Great Content: you know you can't do it all yourself, and making it easy for everyone to align the written word makes the experience better for all. Create impactful resources such as guidelines and frameworks, and help spread your expertise to others so they can make good decisions even when you're out of the office.
  • Understand Content Needs: work with your partners and UX Researchers to learn about our customers' relationship to our products and their work to help us all understand their content needs.
  • Execute Impactful Content Experiences: take on large-scale improvements, reorganizations, or brand-new experiences that bridge gaps or provide essential learning support in our user journey. Understand and report on the impact of those experiences to drive learning and follow-through.
  • Be an Integral UX Leader for SOAR: our team will look to you for your unique perspective on content and how it complements, builds on, and potentially takes center stage in our experience strategy. Participate in wider UX and product discussions and help us weave our story together.

The skills you'll bring include:

  • Thoughtful Collaboration: you believe deep partnership is the root of success. You naturally build strong partnerships across the organization, and have an active voice in product development, advocating for best practices and recommendations on content improvements.
  • Leadership: You're a tenacious leader who leads positively even through the ambiguity inherent in creating products. Through partnering with your UX, PM, and engineering counterparts, you help define a clear and motivating direction.
  • Simplifying the Complex: You are insatiably curious (perhaps a little nerdy), enjoy learning about technical scenarios and tools, and your words can make people want to learn more about technology even when concepts are complex or take time to learn.
  • Expert Writing: You demonstrate expertise in the written language. You write content that is concise, useful and relevant for our users, embodies our brand voice, and delivers the right tone at the right moment. You create substantial, rich content that builds trust and solidifies relationships with technical audiences.
  • Technical Acumen: You have the ability to understand complex technical concepts. You take a hands-on approach to research and simplifying complex concepts for users. You build the necessary relationships to deepen technical and customer knowledge.
  • Content Strategy: You understand, align, and help define the broader content vision. You've got experience completing detailed content audits, content inventories, and content models. You bring your deep understanding of the user's journey and the type of content necessary at each step of that journey and help the team make informed content decisions that will deliver the best experiences for our audiences. 
  • Content Research and Content Design: You design the conversation between our products and our users and seek out opportunities to measure its success. You're able to effectively structure, organize, and design content to help users achieve their desired goals. You ensure that users have the right level of information for the task at hand, and can intuitively access and discover the content they need.

We know that the best ideas and solutions come from multi-dimensional teams. Teams reflect a variety of backgrounds and professional experiences. If you are excited about this role and feel your experience can make an impact, please don't be shy—apply today.

About Rapid7

Rapid7 is creating a more secure digital future for all by helping organizations strengthen their security programs in the face of accelerating digital transformation. Our portfolio of best-in-class solutions empowers security professionals to manage risk and eliminate threats across the entire threat landscape from apps to the cloud to traditional infrastructure to the dark web. We foster open-source communities and cutting-edge research–using these insights to optimize our products and arm the global security community with the latest in attackers' methods. Trusted by more than 10,000 customers worldwide, our industry-leading solutions and services help businesses stay ahead of attackers, ahead of the competition, and future-ready for what's next.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.

Salary range Not specified
Date posted 16th November 2022
Commitment Full-Time
Place of work Boston, MA
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