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Company Description

The Starr Conspiracy is a weird mashup of management consultants, analysts and marketers. Our clients are mostly Work Tech vendors, though we also work with venture capitalists, private equity firms, Work Tech practitioners and other industry influencers. We help our clients become leaders in their field by creating winning business strategies and by crafting engaging customer experiences through brand, marketing, sales and product innovation. We are flat and agile. We each have a super power, but everyone flows to where the work is. #OneTeam

Check us out here: https://thestarrconspiracy.com/

Thinking and writing. Our clients hire us to create winning strategies and engaging customer experiences. But the single reason they choose us over big-brand mega agencies and consultants is our deep Work Tech expertise. We will immerse you in the world of Work Tech, working with the most famous brands, innovative products and influential people in the field. In this position (that doesn’t really have a label) you’ll be creating a brand message on Monday, writing a market landscape on Tuesday, defining product requirements on Wednesday, conducting analyst briefings on Thursday and writing research reports on Friday. And some days, you’ll be flowing to work you’ve never done before! (We don’t do departments and silos at The Starr Conspiracy.) So if you’re looking for a role characterized by pure specialization, this job is not for you. We’re looking for smart, fun and creative people who can see the big picture like an analyst, bring big ideas to life like an advertising executive and write great content on deadline like a journalist. It’s also cool if you frequently drop references like durable market advantage, Strunk and White and total serviceable market in casual conversation --and get all wound up about the future of blockchain and DeFi. If this describes your career experience, or the career experience you would like to have, let’s talk.

P.S. We have offices in Fort Worth and San Francisco, but people can work wherever they want (on-site or remotely) forever. All work happens in the cloud, so the remote experience is the same as the on-site experience.


  • Smart
  • Fun
  • Creative
  • Optimistic
  • Embraces change
  • Intrinsically motivated
  • High situational awareness
  • A little weird
  • Obsessive learner
  • Mentally flexible
  • Humble
  • Hard worker
  • Confident speaker
  • Energized by deadlines
  • Wants this to be the last time you apply for a job


  • Business acumen
  • Excellent writing
  • Quick writing
  • Consultative and interpersonal skills
  • Facilitation and presentation skills
  • Analytical thinking and problem solving
  • Creative thinking
  • Confident decision making
  • Research
  • Data analysis and review

Additional Information

Diversity is more than a buzzword at The Starr Conspiracy — it is the foundation of who we are as an agency and directly reflected in everything we do. We are intentional with our efforts towards equality and believe in creating a diverse agency fueled by the hard work and dedication of our smart, fun, and creative people. We are very proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

After reading this, you already know if The Starr Conspiracy is the place for you. If that sounds weird or silly, we wish you luck. If you’re not sure and still need some convincing, we also wish you luck. If this sounds like the job you didn’t think existed and it must be too good to be true — we should talk. Like, now.

Let’s create amazing things together.

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