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šŸŽ‰ UPDATE: Our ticket giveaway has concluded! šŸŽ‰

Congrats to 22 lucky winners who snatched a free ticket!

Welcome to the Growing In Content 2023 Ticket Giveaway! We're thrilled to offer you a chance to win a ticket to this year's event! šŸŽŸļø

Our one-day virtual conference is a hub for career development, featuring sessions on everything from CV crafting and job hunting to mastering freelancing and the future of content-related fields.

Read on to find out how to enter and win! šŸ‘‡

What You Can Win

Secure one of the 22+ tickets up for grabs! The number of tickets to win is likely to go up šŸš€

By entering this giveaway, you have a chance to win one of the 22+ Full Access tickets to the conference. These tickets provide you with complete access to all the sessions, crafted to further your career in the content industry.

With sessions ranging from CV crafting and job hunting, through advocating the role of Content, masterclass on freelancing, to leveraging AI tools, and looking into the future of the industry, we're dedicating the day to elevate your career.

How to Enter

Two simple steps to enter our ticket giveaway

Ready to grab your chance at one of the 22+ Full Access tickets? Follow these two easy steps to enter the giveaway before the deadline on October 17th at 11:59 p.m. PT:

Step 1:

Make a public LinkedIn post discussing Growing In Content 2023. Be sure to include a link to the main conference page ( and use the hashtag #GrowingInContent2023.

Feel free to use the example below, one of our templates, or write something yourself.

Can't wait for #GrowingInContent2023! This conference has sessions for everyone, from CV crafting to freelancing. Want to be a part of it? Grab your ticket:

Step 2:

Comment on or repost our LinkedIn post about the event lineup to complete your entry. Even a comment as simple as "Exciting!" counts, so don't hesitate to engage.

That's it!

By completing those two simple steps, you've joined the giveaway. We'll be announcing the winners on October 18th. Terms and Conditions.

Our Generous Contributors

Contributing to make this event accessible to more professionals, currently at 22 tickets šŸ‘

We're grateful for the individuals and organizations contributing tickets to the Growing In Content 2023 giveaway. Here's the current breakdown of contributors:

How to contribute?

If you're interested in contributing tickets as an individual, you can click here. šŸŽŸļø

For sponsorship opportunities, which can include ticket contributions, please reach out to us via email.

Templates for LinkedIn post

Use these templates to make your entry a breeze

Not sure how to word your LinkedIn post for entry? No worries, we've got you covered. Below are some sample templates you can use as a starting point to create your own personalized post. Feel free to add your unique touch!

šŸ‘‰ Don't forget about Step 2, commenting on or reposting this LinkedIn post! šŸ‘ˆ

Career-focused templates:

Excited about #GrowingInContent2023! This conference offers career-changing sessions from crafting the perfect CV to mastering freelancing. Can't wait to up my game in the content industry.

#GrowingInContent2023 is more than just another conference. It's a stepping stone for anyone serious about advancing their career in content. If you're like me and looking to climb higher, check it out:

Networking templates:

One of the reasons Iā€™m so pumped for #GrowingInContent2023 is the networking opportunities. Excited to connect with like-minded professionals in the field!

The content industry is all about connections. Can't wait to make some new ones at #GrowingInContent2023. Who else is going?

Learning templates:

Lifelong learning is my motto, and #GrowingInContent2023 is the perfect place to expand my knowledge. From AI tools to the future of content, this conference has it all.

The lineup for #GrowingInContent2023 looks incredible. Can't wait to learn from the best in the business. Who else is excited for the panel at the end?

General excitement templates:

Marking my calendar for #GrowingInContent2023 and I can't wait! This event is a must for anyone in the content industry.

Super thrilled about #GrowingInContent2023. A one-day event packed with so much value? Count me in!

What Happens After You Enter

You've entered, now what?

Waiting period

After you've successfully entered the giveaway, your part is done! Sit back, relax, and cross your fingers. We won't be sending out confirmation emails, so no need to check your inbox.

Winners announcement

The giveaway concludes on October 17th, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. PT. Winners will be selected through a random draw and notified via LinkedIn on October 18th. If you're one of the fortunate ones, you'll receive a Full Access ticket to Growing In Content 2023.

Stay in the loop

To stay updated, make sure to follow us on LinkedIn and sign up to our newsletter. The more you engage with our posts, the better for everyone ā€” it helps spread the word about the event.

Questions or concerns?

If you have any questions about the giveaway, feel free to contact us. We're here to assist you.

Terms and Conditions

For all the legal details and rules of this giveaway, please read our Terms and Conditions. By entering this giveaway, you agree to abide by these terms.

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