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Super early bird tickets now available! March 24th, 29th, 31st & April 5th, 2022 Content design careers festival (virtual) Wherever you are in your career: we want to leave you with a fresh perspective, courage to take a bold next step, and lasting connection.
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What we're planning,
and why we hope you'll join us

There’s more to content design and UX writing than frameworks and Figma files. We’re seeing more content design roles than ever. And now we’ve got stacks of resources on ‘what we do’, let’s focus on designing great careers in content.

Perspectives shines a light on how to navigate every aspect of working in content – from the highs, hiring and lows, to the wins, promotions and woes.

Expect inclusive, honest takes in various formats – whether you’re looking to break into content design or you’re leading the leaders.

Come as you are,

Candi Williams and James Deer

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Track #1 Thursday, 24th March, 2022 Breaking into content design Explore everything you need to know about building a career in content design
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