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Breaking into content design

Join us to explore everything you need to know about creating a career in content design.

Whether you are brand new or already have your sights set on becoming a content designer, expect inclusive, honest takes from people who’ve felt familiar feelings and traveled a similar path.

Free track Track #1 Now available on demand Breaking into content design

We’re breaking down how you can break in.

Join us to explore everything you need to know about creating a career in content design.

A BIG Perspectives Welcome!
Photo of Candi Williams
Candi Williams Head of Content Design, Bumble
Photo of James Deer
James Deer Founder,
Courageous confidence for career change
Photo of Ayesha Akbar Ali
Ayesha Akbar Ali Content Design Senior Analyst, Accenture Interactive
"As a copywriter aspiring to break into Content Design, I faced fear, insecurity, felt lost and uncertain. This is the story of how I took a few bold steps - (1) force my previous job to fit the work of a content designer into (2) network with the global community of content designers and (3) wear the entrepreneur hat. It was a lonely, uncertain and miserably long journey but it was worth it. Just when I decided to give up, one recruiter held on to me and led me to my current career at Accenture. That's all anyone needs: one break. The rest will follow as you tread on this path.
How to look like you know what you're doing (even if you don't)
Photo of Ben Dudley
Ben Dudley Freelance UX Writer
"I became a UX Writer without really knowing what one was, because I wanted to live in Amsterdam. With this talk, I will try to ensure that your first six months as a UX Writer/Content Designer are less chaotic than mine. The ultimate guide to saying no to imposter syndrome, and not getting fired.
Gaining and maintaining confidence as a new Content Designer
Photo of Ebony S. Johnson
Ebony S. Johnson Junior Content Designer, 1Password
"The goal of the talk is to provide strategies and tools for gaining confidence when transitioning into tech. It will also include methods for maintaining confidence when onboarding a new job. The talk will touch on obtaining experience when you’re completely new to the field, navigating job applications, the relationship with imposter syndrome, and branding yourself as a new Content Designer.
Take a break, or join us for... Confidence building to soothe your inner critic and let yourself shine
Photo of Megan Cowles
Megan Cowles Sphinx Yoga
"Content creation, like many other careers, can include times of set-backs, rejection and self-doubt. This session will explore, through a series of brief interactive practices, how to stay centered and confident in yourself. Megan will weave together her experience as a psychologist and yoga teacher to remind you of your strengths and help you find ways to soothe the inner critic, empowering you to let yourself shine!
Trust yourself, your choices, and your colleagues: making the change to a career in content design
Photo of Sue Forte
Sue Forte Associate Digital Content and Communication Strategist, The New School
"Thinking about switching your career to content design? Not sure where to start, or if you have the skills to be successful? Do you have ideas about how to improve communications in your organization? If you’re considering a career shift, or have identified needs at your job, you’re already aware of how content design impacts people. And, you're aware of the importance of thoughtful, inclusive communication. Part pep talk, part prep talk, part practical advice, this session will help you start where you are:
  • Recognize skills and characteristics you already have that can be applied to the content design field
  • Find or make opportunities in your current position
  • Trust your knowledge and experience, and inspire trust in your colleagues and audiences
  • Meet people where they are with the information they need in the ways they are able to receive it
From freelance to full-time: How to ace content design interviews and pivot your career
Photo of Cara Lam
Cara Lam UX Writer & Content Strategist, Capco
"In her talk, Cara shares her journey transitioning from a freelance blogger into a full-time content designer through self-studying, curating an irresistible resume, and acing content design interviews. Learn how to tackle common interview questions using the STAR method, give constructive feedback to mock crit reviews, as well as make your resume stand out.

She will also touch on things you can do to grow the content practice at your company and establish yourself as a subject matter expert.
Tools For UX Writers
Photo of Rosie Olaivar
Rosie Olaivar UX Writer, Rocket Mortgage
"Looking to learn what tools you might use as a UX Writer? Then this is the talk for you!

I'll cover some of the most common tools used by UX Writers and Content Designers ranging from tools for writing, enhancing your writing, and visualizing your work/collaborating with a team. I'll also include a bonus tool that's helped me both write better and break through the dreaded writer's block.
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Photo of Candi Williams
Candi Williams Head of Content Design, Bumble
Photo of James Deer
James Deer Founder,
Perspectives goes beyond breaking in — there's a track for every career path

There's something for everyone building a career in content.

Whether you're thinking about going for that senior role, toying with the idea of becoming a manager or have your sights set on leadership — expect to hear from speakers who've learned lessons and have great advice to share.

Learn more about the 'why' behind Perspectives, or check out our full program.

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Paid track Track #3 Now available on demand Managing people and content teams An honest look into the changes, challenges, and rewards that you can expect from becoming a manager
Paid track Track #4 Now available on demand Preparing for leadership Learn from the experiences of industry leaders and understand how you can prepare yourself to become one too
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