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Photo of Sue Forte

Sue Forte

Associate Digital Content and Communication Strategist, The New School LinkedIn icon

Sue Forte is the Associate Digital Content and Communication Strategist for Admission Communications at The New School in New York City. She took the road less traveled to her work in content strategy, making stops along the way as a professional puppeteer, apple orchard fruit grader, and I.A.T.S.E. stagehand. She's been working at, for, on, and with The New School now for well over a decade, and has no idea where the time went. When she's not stressing the importance of putting audience and individual needs first in communications and content, you'll find her with her head in the clouds, her hands in the dirt, and directing people to the nearest mountain/lake/square foot of nature.

Join Sue at Perspectives 2022

Trust yourself, your choices, and your colleagues: making the change to a career in content design
Photo of Sue Forte
Sue Forte Associate Digital Content and Communication Strategist, The New School
"Thinking about switching your career to content design? Not sure where to start, or if you have the skills to be successful? Do you have ideas about how to improve communications in your organization? If you’re considering a career shift, or have identified needs at your job, you’re already aware of how content design impacts people. And, you're aware of the importance of thoughtful, inclusive communication. Part pep talk, part prep talk, part practical advice, this session will help you start where you are:
  • Recognize skills and characteristics you already have that can be applied to the content design field
  • Find or make opportunities in your current position
  • Trust your knowledge and experience, and inspire trust in your colleagues and audiences
  • Meet people where they are with the information they need in the ways they are able to receive it
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