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Photo of Cara Lam

Cara Lam

UX Writer & Content Strategist, Capco LinkedIn icon

An Australian-Chinese transplant in New York City, Cara broke into content design in early 2021 and has fallen in love with the field ever since. She first started writing professionally as a freelance travel blogger in Japan, then moved on to be a marketing copywriter at a NYC crypto firm. It was at this crypto firm that she learned about UX writing and content strategy.

After a month of self-study on the subject, Cara landed her first full-time UX writing gig consulting for a commercial bank. She's actively growing the content practice at her company and even led her own UX writing course recently! Cara's pumped to pay it forward and help others break into content design.

Join Cara at Perspectives 2022

From freelance to full-time: How to ace content design interviews and pivot your career
Photo of Cara Lam
Cara Lam UX Writer & Content Strategist, Capco
"In her talk, Cara shares her journey transitioning from a freelance blogger into a full-time content designer through self-studying, curating an irresistible resume, and acing content design interviews. Learn how to tackle common interview questions using the STAR method, give constructive feedback to mock crit reviews, as well as make your resume stand out.

She will also touch on things you can do to grow the content practice at your company and establish yourself as a subject matter expert.
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