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Photo of Denise Brooks

Denise Brooks

Content Strategist, Owner, Konekted Content LinkedIn icon

"Content strategist" sounds stuffy and aloof, but for me it’s the perfect tool to use to get to the core of who, what and how businesses want to operate using content. Sharing the power of using content in the most effective way to produce amazing results is something I’ve been doing for over 10years. I support companies in aligning their values with their content so they attract customers that are right for them. A goal of my CS workshops is to also foster collaboration between disconnected teams.

I work in a variety of sectors but prioritise organisations in the health and wellness space. Doing this job for companies that are making a difference for individuals, teams or in the community is hugely satisfying. It means that content is used as a means to positively impact people’s lives. A win win all round.

Join Denise at Perspectives 2022

Empathy, mentors and toxic cultures
Photo of Denise Brooks
Denise Brooks Content Strategist, Owner, Konekted Content
"How many times have you neglected your wellbeing (consciously or unconsciously) to win approval from your boss or for the betterment of the company? Despite corporate websites having 'fun' pictures of the team and claims of 'being like family,' many of us have worked in environments that have been far from healthy or nurturing behind the scenes. The great resignation of 2021- where almost a quarter of UK workers decided to leave their jobs and a whopping 41% was predicted to do so this year in the US - show us that many people are unsatisfied with their jobs. I will discuss how to lead with empathy in a way that ensures that you and those you manage are thriving and not just surviving.
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