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Photo of Hannah Horton

Hannah Horton

Head of Content Strategy, Co-op LinkedIn icon Twitter icon

Hannah is Head of Content Strategy at Co-op. Over a 20-year career, she’s worked in journalism, PR and communications, before moving into content design 7 years ago. Hannah is passionate about the boundless potential for content to create better outcomes for people, communities and society.

Since joining Co-op in 2017, she’s built a world-class community of content design and strategy experts who work across a diverse range of Co-op journeys, from arranging a funeral to running a food store. Hannah was Head of Design before moving into her new role heading up Co-op's new content strategy function in January 2022. In this new function, she aims to maximise the potential of content as a core strategic element of the customer experience.

Join Hannah at Perspectives 2022

Getting out of the way – how to empower your Content Leaders to shine
Photo of Hannah Horton
Hannah Horton Head of Content Strategy, Co-op
"As a new leader, stewarding a team of people also growing in their leadership journey, it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking you should know everything and be able to do everything. However, in 5 years of building a team of world-class content experts, I’ve learned one of the best ways to enable your leadership team to learn, develop and lead effectively and sustainably is to get out of their way.

In this talk I’ll share insights into how you can lead through other people by:
  • showing trust in the leaders you manage
  • empowering leaders to make and own their decisions
  • creating a safe space that builds people’s confidence to experiment and take risks
  • stepping back when it enables others to shine
This talk is aimed at inspiring confidence in content leaders who manage or lead other leaders.
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