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Photo of Kevin Bui

Kevin Bui

Senior Content Designer, Atlassian LinkedIn icon

Kevin is a content designer based in sunny Queensland, Australia. He fell in love with content design through his hobby of board games and continues to gain inspiration from board games and video games to this day.

Kevin currently works at Atlassian as the content designer for the Automation platform. When he's not thinking about content and UX, Kevin spends his days watching pro wrestling and reading Harry Potter to his 6-month old baby.

Join Kevin at Perspectives 2022

Fight for your promotion in 3 steps
Photo of Kevin Bui
Kevin Bui Senior Content Designer, Atlassian
"Promotions can be hard to navigate, especially if you aren't comfortable with talking about your accomplishments.

Fighting for a promotion means dealing with awkward questions like:
  • How do I know I'm ready?
  • How do I start that conversation with my manager?
  • How do I justify myself and my value?
In this talk, I'll go through the three things you can do to set yourself up for promotion to a more senior level. They are:
  1. Perform an audit of your skills, to see if you're ready for a promotion.
  2. Stop, and reflect on past projects.
  3. Collect testimonials from colleagues.
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