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Photo of Noni Hollonds

Noni Hollonds

Experience Design Manager, Atlassian LinkedIn icon

Noni is a design leader at Atlassian. After a career in education and mental health, Noni made the transition into the world of content design. She worked as a content designer in government and big tech before moving into leadership roles. Noni now looks after more than just content design as she is currently leading the design team building Atlassian's Design System. She's always been passionate about ethical tech, leaning on her background in education and psychology - this has led to a love of user research and accessibility. In her spare time, Noni is mum to two fur babies and lives in Sydney, Australia.

Join Noni at Perspectives 2022

How many Content Designers does it take to change a lightbulb?
Photo of Noni Hollonds
Noni Hollonds Experience Design Manager, Atlassian
"So you're looking at resourcing and finding content design support for multiple product teams. What's the best ratio of content designer to team? How many content designers do you need?

There's a balancing act to supporting #allthethings and having overworked/burnt-out content designers, or, not supporting some things in favour of deep content design support for others. So how do you make this decision?

In this talk, Noni will share her rules of thumb when it comes to content design resourcing, as well as a framework to help you get buy-in with cross-functional peers.
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