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Photo of Rachel de Jong

Rachel de Jong

Senior Content Designer, Instacart LinkedIn icon

Rachel de Jong is a California-based writer and strategist whose background in digital content spans senior roles across product, brand, and marketing. Today she’s a senior content designer at Instacart, where she helped start the content design practice in 2020.

Equal parts storyteller and systems thinker, Rachel is passionate about creating healthy foundations for content design in uncharted spaces. When she's not working, you can find her concocting an elaborate new soup recipe, talking someone's ear off about tarot, or burying her nose in a new sci-fi story.

Join Rachel at Perspectives 2022

New rules: 3 paradoxes of senior content roles
Photo of Rachel de Jong
Rachel de Jong Senior Content Designer, Instacart
"Here’s what no one tells you about becoming senior: the behaviors that got you this far start to break down.

In entry- to mid-level roles, you get praised for things like saying yes to everything, jumping in headfirst, and obsessing over craft. But in a senior role, those behaviors can sometimes backfire, leaving you in search of a new strategy.

To succeed, you’ll have to flip the script on your work habits. In this talk, we’ll cover three paradoxes of senior content roles drives them. We’ll also talk about some of the nuances at play as you adapt — and why organizations need to adapt with you.

Whether you’re in a senior role now or looking to get there soon, this talk will help you remake your mindset, expand your toolkit, and get the career growth you deserve.
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