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Photo of Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson

Associate Sr. Mgr. Content Strategy, CVS LinkedIn icon

Sarah Johnson is an Assoc. Sr. Manager of Content Strategy at CVS and teaches content strategy at the Bentley University User Experience Center. She has twenty-five years experience at companies such as CVS, TIAA, Fidelity Investments, and Bank of America. She works with content teams to grow both leadership and UX skills. She has run content strategy summits within her UX teams and spear-headed a workshop, The Art of the Difficult Conversation, which she developed in conjunction with Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute. The workshop went on to be offered corporate-wide at TIAA. She’s a graduate of the InnerMBA offered by SoundsTrue, LinkedIn, and NYU.

Join Sarah at Perspectives 2022

Building teams on trust
Photo of Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson Associate Sr. Mgr. Content Strategy, CVS
"Building thriving teams means building teams that trust. This talk explores authentic leadership as a means of hiring, managing, and coaching teams that trust. When teams trust each other and trust leadership, amazing things begin to happen. Collaboration and creativity increase. Job satisfaction and happiness improve. And team members learn to rely on leadership and colleagues for support, guidance, and feedback without worrying about appearing weak.

I'll share methods and techniques I've used while building out the Retail content strategy team at CVS, how to run team meetings that acknowledge accomplishments and allow for sharing work and asking for feedback, and how to educate and create a psychologically safe space where people can do their best work.
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