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Businesses need documentation. Software, hardware, services, all types of businesses need all types of documentation. However what do businesses do when they need documentation, but not full-time writers? What about documentation for organisations with a one-off project? How about startups who quickly require a doc suite? What if you need fast turnaround on content and don’t want the hassle of reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates? The solution is Docforce.

Docforce is the result from father-son team, Tom and William Fitzgerald, of the renowned Irish tech writing company Bárd na nGleann. Tom and Will saw the necessity for documentation of all types from professional writers for organizations who do not require a full-time writing staff.

Based in Austin, Texas, Docforce hires talent from around the globe and writers with a multitude of specialities and skills. Docforce can cover your content needs from hardware and software guides, blogs, how-tos and FAQs, to marketing and business documentation, for set subscription prices.

Docforce is the progression of collaboration in the workplace. Documentation is about bringing the complicated ideas of our technological world to the understanding of anyone. Our online platform enables any size company or individual to access amazing talent on demand. Docforce realizes the limitless possibilities of humanity and technology working together to achieve limitless goals. With on-demand access to professional technical writers, developers, editors, and illustrators the world over, Docforce makes getting good content a whole lot easier. We help you achieve your goals in writing and in business. With multiple subscriptions to choose from, the Docforce team can create your documentation with a quick turnaround at a low cost. That is the Docforce way.

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