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Why list with us?

We have an engaged community of content professionals who are actively looking and open to considering the next step in their career.

It's our goal to connect you with the next member of your content team - we do this by broadening your reach to candidates who may not have been exposed to your role through traditional channels (Recruiters/Talent Acquisition Partners, Personal Networks, Owned Social Posts, LinkedIn Jobs/Indeed etc.)

Job boards like ours play an important role in leveling the playing field and opening up opportunities to a more diverse pool of candidates.

So, whether you're a recruitment specialist, a content leader, hiring manager or a small agency owner, we can bring further visibility to your role and connect you with a broader group of candidates.

Active listings 185
Roles listed to-date 13,592
Unique monthly visitors 25,000+
Newsletter members 6,500+
Followers across social channels 6,000+
We've listed roles from
  • flag of US United States
  • flag of GB United Kingdom
  • flag of CA Canada
  • flag of DE Germany
  • flag of NL The Netherlands
  • flag of IE Ireland
  • flag of IL Israel
  • flag of CO Colombia
  • flag of SE Sweden
  • flag of DK Denmark
  • flag of CZ Czechia
  • flag of CR Costa Rica
  • flag of RO Romania
  • flag of CH Switzerland
  • flag of BR Brazil
  • flag of FI Finland
  • flag of HU Hungary
  • flag of FR France
  • flag of AU Australia
  • flag of IN India
  • flag of HK Hong Kong
  • flag of VN Vietnam
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Roles that include salary information get 51% more views than those that don't

Hiring managers who purchase a promotional upgrade when listing get 350% more views, and 150% more applicants, compared to a standard listing

We have candidates applying for roles from over 20 countries across the globe

Over 1,955 companies who have listed with us support pay equity by sharing salary details. We strongly encourage you to show the pay

Roles that allow for remote work get 38% more views compared to location specific roles, and 43% more applications

Since launch in January 2021 job listings have collectively had over 3,675,000 views and 173,000 applicants

Listing options we have available

What's included?

  • 30 day listing duration
  • Reaching 25,000+ unique monthly visitors
  • Added to Google Jobs network
  • Include your company logo

Everything in a standard listing, plus...

  • Highlight your ad
  • 4x social media posts
  • Pin ad for 7 days on the main page
  • Featured email placement (6,500+ subscribers)
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Join the community Over 6,000 content professionals joined our weekly newsletter to grow their careers
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Join the community of content professionals Over 6,000 content professionals joined our weekly newsletter to grow their careers
Free. No spam. Easy unsubscribe.