Landing your first content design role: A safe place where there are no silly questions

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Meet our panelists

Photo of Aladrian Goods
Aladrian GoodsSenior Content Designer @ Intuit
Photo of Candi Williams
Candi WilliamsContent Design Lead @ Bumble
Photo of Jack Garfinkel
Jack GarfinkelSenior Content Designer @ Scope
Photo of Jane Ruffino
Jane RuffinoContent Designer and Course Director: UX Writing @ Character and Berghs School of Communication
Photo of Jordan Craig
Jordan CraigSr Mgr, Content Strategy @ Twitter
Photo of Rachel McConnell
Rachel McConnellContent Design Manager and Co-founder @ BT and Tempo

Names, companies, and job titles are correct as of the time of recording.

Event description

We've seen the number of content design and UX writing roles grow and grow recently—especially at midweight, senior and management levels.

But it's still not easy for people to land that important first role in content design or UX writing? And how do you build experience without having an opportunity to do so?

Here's your chance to quiz a panel of content design leaders and hiring managers on exactly that. In a safe space where there's no such thing as a silly question, you can ask them anything you like—whether it's about gaining experience, portfolios, interviews, mentoring or anything in between.

It'll be a mutual space to learn. A space for you to share thoughts and get answers, and also for the panel to take back learnings to try and improve the opportunities in the industry.

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