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Learn about content style guides from different perspectives from these resources.

In sections below you will find:

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  • Tools to help

How to create content style guides

A content style guide helps keep the tone, voice, and design of the content consistent across the brand – regardless of the creator. These are the set of standards to follow when creating content, to help improve communication and maintain consistency.

Other aspects that may be included in a content style guide are grammar, formatting, and language.

Processes to learn about

Examples to inspire you

  • Welcome to the Mailchimp Content Style Guide A helpful style guide reference for content and communications teams currently researching how to approach developing their own.

  • Microsoft Writing Style Guide A guide to writing style and terminology for all communications they issue, across multiple channels.

  • Shopify experience values Their content standards will help you understand how to think strategically about the language in your products and apps.

  • Apple Style Guide Provides editorial guidelines for text in Apple instructional materials, technical documentation, reference information, training programs, and user interfaces.

  • Inspiration The UX Writing Library has a collection of style guides and voice designs from some of the biggest brands, such as Google, IBM, Slack, and Intuit.

  • Reference manual University of Dundee's searchable reference manual.

Tools to help

  • Content Style Guides Checklist This free checklist from GatherContent helps you plan, create, disseminate, and maintain your content style guide.

  • Content Style Guides GatherContent also offer this tool to embed your content style guide in your editing environment, so that authors can easily follow voice and tone content rules.

  • Writing Material Design is one of the most famous design systems out there. Explore their content section, and learn how to write content as Google does.

  • Mercury The same design system Canada Post uses to create a functional, cohesive digital design.

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