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User needs in content design context

Learn about user needs from different perspectives from these resources.

In sections below you will find:

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  • Templates and examples
  • Tools to help

What are user needs?

User needs express a user's goals, values, and aspirations. They are requirements that add value to a product or service for a user, the right combination of which will help a user achieve the outcome they want regarding that product or service.

Capturing a user's needs is essential in order to understand their processes, problems, goals, and preferences.

How to understand user needs

Processes to learn about

How to conduct stakeholder interviews

What are stakeholder interviews?

Stakeholder interviews are essential for extracting information relating to, for example, the primary needs of the organization, a certain project or service, or collecting insights.

This type of interview also helps lay the foundation for open communication and trust between you and your stakeholders, so that you can all work in synergy.

Stakeholders can offer relevant information, wisdom, and suggestions that ultimately help you set the parameters of your work. Interviews can also provide an overview of the stakeholders' opinions about your work that may reveal hidden issues, concerns or ideas.

Lastly, they can largely define the success of the project, so it's important to work together towards the goals you have in mind.

Processes to learn about

Templates and examples

Tools to help

  • Stakeholder Interview Matrix This tool from Gather Content helps you understand what to ask and how to ask it. It also includes suggested questions to help you get to know your stakeholders and what's important to them.

  • User Centered Design Canvas UCDC is an easy and effective tool to help facilitate the user experience design process. It enables a comprehensive analysis of the user and the organization's main goals.

  • Stakeholder Interviews This handy tool from Concordia University, Canada, focuses on the principles, setup, and sequence of stakeholder interviews.

  • Stakeholder In-Depth Interview Guide This guide will help you to ask key stakeholders to evaluate what has been achieved in a scale-up process, and more.

  • A Stakeholder Interview Checklist An excerpt from Kim Goodwin's book, Designing for the Digital Age, this checklist contains questions that you can ask different types of stakeholders and other product team members.

  • User Interview Launch Kit This launch kit outlines three steps to help you launch an amazing user interview study. includes templates.

How to conduct user research

What is user research?

User research is about learning and understanding user needs, behaviours, and thought processes by using a broad range of methodologies that are either quantitative or qualitative.

The types of user research to perform would depend on the site, app, or system, your timeline, and the environment. Some methods of user research include task analysis, observation techniques, or other data-driven strategies.

Importantly, conducting user research can expose potential problems, and find crucial information and opportunities to use in the design process.

Processes to learn about

Tools to help

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