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Red Ventures

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Founded in 2000, Red Ventures spans 5 continents and employs more than 3,500 people. We’re made up of dozens of nimble business teams focused on raising the bar, giving back, and challenging what’s possible.

Through our portfolio of influential brands, digital platforms, and strategic partnerships, we empower people to make confident decisions about things that matter most to them, whether it's strengthening their mental and physical health, investing, moving, pursuing higher education, traveling the world, or discovering new entertainment.

Our global brands include Lonely Planet, CNET, Healthline, Bankrate, The Points Guy, NextAdvisor, uSwitch, and others.

Core to who we are is our focus on giving back. Since 2013, more than 250 Red Ventures employees have volunteered mentorship and skills-training with Road to Hire, a 501(c)(3) founded by CEO Ric Elias, that connects underrepresented young adults with on-ramps to professional development and high-earning careers. Through Road to Hire programs, more than 1,300 hard-working students have found stable careers and financial stability in Charlotte, NC.

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