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Redesign your career at Growing In Content 2023, whether you're aiming to climb higher in your current role or bouncing back from a career setback.

This intensive one-day virtual conference is your stepping stone for career advancement. With sessions ranging from CV crafting and job hunting, through advocating the role of Content, masterclass on freelancing, to leveraging AI tools, and looking into the future of the industry, we're dedicating the day to elevate your career. Join us October 26th, 2023.

Can't make it live? No worries — on-demand recordings will be available after the event, so you can catch up at your own pace.


See what attendees had to say about Perspectives 2022, our last 4-day conference:
James, Candi and Peter did such a phenomenal job creating this amazing content design careers fest. This has to be the most authentic and down to earth team going. Fab community too. Perspectives 2022 provided authentic conversations about the most important aspects of working in content design.
Photo of Denise Brooks Denise Brooks Content Strategist / Designer, Konekted Content
Loved Perspectives! James and Candi were amazing hosts and I'm continuously impressed by how organized James is.
Photo of Cara Lam Cara Lam Content Designer, Instagram
If you're wondering how to break into content design or progress your career, Perspectives is for you. You'll connect with wonderful like-minded people who will openly share their tips and struggles so you won't feel like you're taking the journey alone.
Photo of Corinna Bennett Corinna Bennett Senior Content Designer, Services Australia
Don't miss out! This is the best event I've been to for ages.
Photo of Jonathon Colman Jonathon Colman Senior Content Design Manager, HubSpot
It was so refreshing to see a clear and intentional focus on diversity, support and mental health offered in a track for those just starting out in the field. Perspectives certainly lived up to its name!
Photo of Simon Peyda Moore Simon Peyda Moore UX Researcher, MSc in Global Health
The first-ever Perspectives Conference was an absolute delight! From the intentional inclusion of well-being sessions, to every topic, speaker and talk, the entire program was compelling from start to finish. Each track was well thought out, and every talk was just long enough to be substantive, and not so long that focus was ever lost. Such a rich blend of voices, too! Excellent!
Photo of Natalie Marie Dunbar Natalie Marie Dunbar Author, Speaker, and Senior Manager, Content Design, Walmart
Perspectives ticked all the boxes for me: learning from industry leaders, celebrating our craft and connecting with peers.
Photo of Lisa van Aswegen Lisa van Aswegen Senior UX Writer, Babbel
Perspectives showed me that the role of the content designer is maturing! The experience and content of the speakers in the paid sessions went beyond past conferences I’ve attended.
Photo of Tom Resing Tom Resing Senior Content Designer, Microsoft
As a speaker I could be biased. But I am not, because I will always expect high quality and technical thoroughness from a conference to hold my attention. Perspectives 2022 delivered: I learned so much in the first half of my on-demand videos to go through and cannot wait to see the 2nd part.
Photo of Katrin Suetterlin Katrin Suetterlin UX Content Strategist and Consultant, ex-wefox

We've closed our call for speakers and are thrilled to have received 80+ speaker submissions. The response is a testament to the thriving content community, and we're now in the process of carefully reviewing each application. From fresh voices to seasoned professionals, expect an engaging and diverse lineup that reflects the richness of our field.


Please note: We're in the process of reviewing 80+ speaker submissions and will update the schedule soon.
Welcome 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET / 5:00pm UK

Welcome to Growing In Content

Welcome to the event! We've got a packed day ahead filled with expert-led presentations, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. Whether you're here for career advancement or industry insights, there's something for everyone. Let's dive in!

Presentation 9:05am PT / 12:05pm ET / 5:05pm UK

Emotional Resilience for Long-Term Success in Content

In an industry prone to rapid changes and high-stress scenarios, maintaining emotional well-being is crucial. This session will delve into techniques for managing stress, building resilience, and fostering a positive mindset. Experienced professionals will find the coping strategies presented to be specifically tailored to the unique challenges of the content world.

Presentation 9:30am PT / 12:30pm ET / 5:30pm UK

Mastering the Content CV & the Art of the Job Hunt

Crafting a compelling CV is an art form, particularly for those with a wealth of experience. This session will provide guidelines for highlighting your extensive expertise and key accomplishments, making you stand out in a crowded job market. Additionally, we will discuss strategies for effectively navigating job search platforms and recruiters in order to land interviews for high-level positions.

Follow this session up with Winning Strategies for Content Industry Interviews in the second half of the day, where you'll learn how to ace your interviews and make a lasting impression.

Presentation 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET / 6:00pm UK

Strategic Networking: Beyond the Business Card

Networking in the content industry requires more than just exchanging business cards or LinkedIn endorsements. This session will equip you with advanced techniques for building and maintaining meaningful professional relationships, including online etiquette, thoughtful follow-ups, and strategies for making a lasting impression during industry events.

Presentation 10:30am PT / 1:30pm ET / 6:30pm UK

Making Your Mark: Advocate the Role of Content Design in Organizations

As experienced content professionals, it can be challenging to communicate the value of your role to stakeholders or other departments. This session will offer advice on how to craft compelling narratives and leverage data to advocate for the importance of content design, thereby securing buy-in from decision-makers and amplifying your impact within your organization.

Networking 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET / 7:00pm UK

Take a break, or join us for virtual networking

Take a breather, or engage in enriching conversations with peers through our special Slack channels and Zoom video meetups. This relaxed setting offers a chance to discuss key takeaways, share personal experiences, or even troubleshoot career challenges with other seasoned professionals.

Presentation 12:00pm PT / 3:00pm ET / 8:00pm UK

Seamless Role Transition: Pivoting Within the Content Spectrum

Career growth often means branching out into new roles within the content field. This in-depth session will guide you through the transition process, highlighting how your accumulated skills can be adapted and marketed for other positions like UX writing or content strategy. Whether you're pivoting by choice or necessity, you'll leave with a blueprint for making a seamless transition.

Presentation 12:30pm PT / 3:30pm ET / 8:30pm UK

Winning Strategies for Content Industry Interviews

For senior content professionals, job interviews often go beyond basic questioning to include complex scenarios, group dynamics, and even assessment centers. This session will provide targeted advice for navigating these multifaceted interview processes, giving you the confidence to articulate your experience and thought leadership effectively.

Presentation 1:00pm PT / 4:00pm ET / 9:00pm UK

Freelancing Mastery: Thriving as an Independent Content Professional

If freelancing is on your radar, you'll need more than just content skills to succeed. This session will cover everything from setting up your freelance business structure to client acquisition and retention. We'll also tackle key considerations like rate setting, contracts, and how to manage your work-life balance as an independent content professional.

Presentation 1:30pm PT / 4:30pm ET / 9:30pm UK

Leveraging AI in Content to Future-Proof Your Career

The intersection of AI and content is becoming increasingly relevant. This session will demystify how AI technologies can enhance your work, from automated content analysis to predictive user engagement. You'll leave with a clear understanding of the skills and tools you'll need to stay ahead of this emerging trend.

Panel 2:00pm PT / 5:00pm ET / 10:00pm UK

The Road Ahead: Challenges and Opportunities in Content Design

A panel featuring content industry leaders will delve into the future trends, challenges, and opportunities facing seasoned professionals in the field of content design. Topics will include the emergence of new platforms, evolving user behaviors, and how best to adapt your skills for a constantly changing digital landscape.

Thank you 3:00pm PT / 6:00pm ET / 11:00pm UK

Wrapping up the day - thank you for joining us!

That's a wrap on today's event. From presentations to panels, we hope you've gained valuable knowledge and made meaningful connections. On-demand recordings will be available for you to catch up on or revisit sessions. Until next time!

Looking to develop your skills even further? Our Full Access ticket includes instant access to the Perspectives 2022 video library, for a comprehensive learning experience.

Stay tuned for the final speaker lineup. It's going to be an engaging, insightful day packed with actionable advice and inspiring stories. Don't miss out on the chance to take your career to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

More questions & answers will be added soon!
What is the event about, and who is it for?

The Growing In Content event is designed for experienced content professionals, whether seeking new opportunities, facing job uncertainty, or aiming to advance in their careers. With a focus on high-demand skills, job hunting strategies, emerging trends, and more, our sessions cater to the needs of senior, lead, and mid-level professionals. Join us to gain insights from industry experts and network with peers who share your career goals and challenges.

Is this an online event or will it be held at a physical location?

This is a fully online event, allowing you to attend from the comfort of your home or office. No travel is required, making it accessible to a global audience. All you need is a reliable internet connection to join us for this intensive day of learning and networking!

When does the event take place?

The event is scheduled for October 26, 2023. While the official timeline is still being finalized, we anticipate that the conference will start around 9am PT / 12pm (noon) ET (check your time zone). Stay tuned for updates on the complete schedule for the day!

* Please note the program is preliminary and subject to change based on speaker submissions. Please rest assured that all sessions will be recorded and available on-demand after the event.

What accessibility support is provided?

We are committed to making our event accessible to everyone. We will provide on-demand recordings of all sessions with closed captions shortly after the event. If you have any specific accessibility needs or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us, and we will do our best to accommodate them.

What tech do I need to attend?

You'll need a device with an internet connection, ideally a laptop, to stream the event on our website. For on-demand access, the sessions will also be available on our website. To engage in Q&As and text-based break-out rooms, please install the latest version of Slack. For video break-out rooms, we recommend having the latest version of Zoom. Engaging with these additional platforms will allow you to participate on a deeper level and enhance your event experience.

What's included in my "Essentials" ticket?

An Essentials ticket provides you with access to the first half of the day (up to and including Networking segment). It includes 4 presentations, 4 interactive Q&As, opportunities for networking and break-out rooms, access to the Slack workspace, and on-demand recordings from the first half of the day.

* Please note the program is preliminary and subject to change based on speaker submissions.

What's included in my "Full Access" ticket?

A Full Access ticket provides you with a complete experience. It includes all presentations, a panel discussion, all interactive Q&As, opportunities for networking and break-out rooms, access to the Slack workspace, and on-demand recordings for the entire day.

Additionally, you'll gain access to our Perspectives 2022 video library.

* Please note the program is preliminary and subject to change based on speaker submissions.

How do I upgrade my ticket to access the higher-tier content?

To upgrade your ticket, please get in touch with us at

Are there any discounts available?

We are proud to offer this event at a highly accessible price point, especially considering the challenging times and for those who have recently lost their jobs. Even so, we have several avenues for additional savings:

  • Super Early Bird discount: Save up to 40% by purchasing your ticket before midnight (PT) on September 21st.
  • Early Bird discount: Save up to 33% by purchasing your ticket before midnight (PT) on October 12th.
  • Lineup Confirmed discount: Save up to 26% by purchasing your ticket before midnight (PT) on October 19th.
  • Newsletter subscribers: If you are or become a subscriber to our newsletter before September 10th, you've either already received or will receive a special discount code. Please check your inbox.
  • Group discounts: We offer special rates for groups. Feel free to get in touch for more details.
  • Pre-Event feedback: If you've filled out our pre-event feedback form, you should already have received a discount code. Check your inbox if you haven't seen it yet.
  • Exclusive codes: Keep an eye on our communications as our speakers will also be sharing unique discount codes.
Do you offer any scholarships?

We understand that the cost of the event may still be a barrier for some. If you are a student, freelancer experiencing financial hardship, or a professional in transition, among other situations, we're open to discussing options to make attendance more affordable for you. To explore scholarship opportunities, please email us at

Is my ticket refundable?

Tickets can be fully refunded up to October 6th at 23:59 (PT). After this date, we aren't able to offer refunds. However, you'll be able to transfer your ticket to someone else for no extra cost until October 17th.

Can multiple people attend using one ticket?

No, each ticket grants access to one person only. While we currently don't have a technical way to enforce this, we kindly request that each participant purchase their own ticket. This ensures fair compensation for our speakers and helps maintain the quality of our events.

If you're interested in attending as a group, we're happy to discuss group discounts to make it more affordable for everyone. Please get in touch with us to explore these options.

Will everything be recorded?

Yes, all sessions will be recorded and made available on our website for on-demand viewing, including closed captions.

However, please note that access to recordings will be based on the type of ticket you purchased. If you have an Essentials ticket, you'll have access only to the recordings of sessions that were accessible to you during the live event. You can upgrade your ticket at any point to access all recordings.

More information about accessing the recordings will be provided closer to the event date.

Is the Slack workspace just for the event or is it a continuous community?

The Slack workspace is actually a part of our ongoing community managed by Anyone who subscribes to our newsletter can join this community workspace.

However, for this specific event, we'll have special private channels that are exclusive to event attendees. These channels will be used for activities like Q&As and specific discussions related to the conference topics. This setup allows us to maintain an active, continuous community while also providing a more focused experience for those attending the event.

How can I engage in networking BEFORE the event?

Our Slack workspace will be open for pre-event networking. This gives you the opportunity to start building connections, engage in topical discussions, and get to know fellow attendees before the event kicks off. More details to follow.

How can I engage with other attendees DURING the event?

You can engage with other attendees through our Slack workspace. We'll have general rooms for broad discussions and special break-out Slack rooms for more focused conversations. Additionally, we'll have Zoom rooms open for those who prefer face-to-face networking.

Why are there no speaker names listed in the plan of the day?

The agenda is still in the works, but we're committed to delivering a diverse and high-quality lineup of speakers. Last year's event showcased a wide range of perspectives, featuring professionals from different backgrounds and levels of experience. We aim to offer a similarly broad spectrum of industry experts this year, who will provide impactful and insightful presentations.

To get a sense of the variety and caliber of speakers we attract, feel free to check out our Speakers section from Perspectives 2022.

How can I become a speaker at the event?

We're always looking for insightful speakers to add value to our conference. If you're interested in presenting, please submit your proposal via the Become a Speaker form on our website, and our team will review it for possible inclusion in the event.

What is Perspectives 2022 and why is it included in the higher-tier ticket?

Perspectives 2022 is our previous year's conference, covering a range of topics crucial for content professionals.

Access to Perspectives 2022 video library (Tracks #1, #2 & #3) is included in the higher-tier ticket as an added value, offering you even more professional development resources. Upgrade to access Track #4 (Leadership track) can be purchased separately.

Read Testimonials from attendees to see the impact it's had.

If you purchased Essentials ticket, you can upgrade to access those materials.

Will there be any interactive sessions or Q&A during presentations?

Yes, we aim to include interactive Q&A sessions for every presentation. This gives you the opportunity to dive deeper into the topics and directly engage with the speakers.

These interactive sessions will be hosted in special channels within our Slack workspace, offering an easy and convenient way to participate and get your questions answered.

How do I access on-demand content after the event?

All the sessions will be available for on-demand viewing on our website. We'll provide more details on how to access this content closer to the event date.

What if I run into technical issues during the event?

If you encounter any technical issues, head over to our #help Slack channel for quick assistance. If for some reason you're unable to access Slack, you can also reach out to us via email at, and we'll do our best to resolve your issues promptly.

Do you have a code of conduct?

Yes. We are committed to creating an inclusive and respectful environment for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion, or technology choices.

Harassment in any form, including inappropriate sexual language and imagery, is not tolerated during any part of the event, whether in videos, live-streams, discussion areas, or related online media, including Twitter. Participants who violate these rules may be sanctioned or expelled without a refund at the organizers' discretion.

Please see our full code of conduct for detailed information.

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