A treasure trove of career advice from seasoned content professionals, offering guidance, tips, and insider knowledge to help you navigate and advance in the content industry.

Career Q&A with "Content Design with Friends" podcast hosts: your questions answered by 5 seasoned pros

Insights and advice from 5 highly experienced Content Design professionals, representing a wide spectrum of industries, including music streaming, travel, search, social media, online shopping and fintech.

11 content design leaders (from organizations including Booking.com, NICE, and the BBC) share tips on breaking into content design management

Seasoned professionals share advice on transitioning into content design management, focusing on leadership skills, team growth, and strategic thinking.

Three HubSpot content design experts share invaluable career advice and insights

Career insights from HubSpot's content design panel, covering entry into the field, portfolio development, interview tactics, and handling imposter syndrome. The experts underscore the significance of user problem comprehension, impact demonstration, and lifelong learning. The discussion is based on a Q&A session with a global audience.

Career Q&A: 10 senior content strategists (from companies like Age UK, Canva, and Lloyds Bank) share advice on starting and progressing your career

Expert content strategists share career progression advice, discussing the transition to senior roles, portfolio development, and the importance of soft skills. They highlight the significance of strategic thinking, storytelling, and understanding user journeys. Insights are drawn from a Q&A panel featuring professionals from Canva, JPMorgan Chase & Co., and more.

Breaking into content design panel Q&A: personal insights from six senior content designers

Insights from a panel of content design experts. They discuss the importance of content design, its role in user experience, and how it can be effectively integrated into the product development process. The panel also shares advice for aspiring content designers.

Career Q&A: 14 senior content designers (from companies like Instagram, BT, and HubSpot) share advice on starting and progressing your career

Q&A session featuring senior content designers sharing their career experiences and advice. They discuss the skills needed for the role, how to progress in the field, and the importance of understanding user needs. The experts also share their thoughts on the future of content design.

Career Q&A: 9 Senior UX Writers (from companies like Google, Airbnb, and Spotify) share advice on starting and progressing your career

Advice from senior UX writers on starting and progressing in the UX writing field. They discuss the increasing demand for UX writers, how to transition into the role, and the importance of staying ahead in the fast-paced field. The experts also share tips on preparing for interviews and progressing in your career.

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