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Explore presentations, panels and discussions from Perspectives 2022 conference, offering a wealth of insights and knowledge for content design professionals.

Being a kick-ass Content Designer when English isn't your first language

Five content designers from diverse linguistic backgrounds share their experiences, challenges, and unique perspectives on working in the field when English isn't their first language, discussing the importance of empathy, cultural context, and the problematic nature of the term "native speaker" in job descriptions.

Planting your flag - without the colonial overtones

Lizzie Cass-Maran encourages content designers to identify their niche by finding the joyful intersection of their skills, passions, and experiences. She emphasizes the importance of continuous learning, building a supportive community, and embracing one's unique perspective while avoiding the pitfalls of imposter syndrome and the problematic "flag planting" metaphor.

Gaining and maintaining confidence as a new Content Designer

Ebony Johnson shares her journey and advice on building confidence as a new content designer, stressing the importance of being selective with companies, identifying areas for improvement, and leaning on community support.

How to ace being a Content Leader when you work part-time

Molly Whitehead-Jones shares her experience and practical advice on being an effective part-time content leader, emphasizing the importance of setting clear boundaries, empowering your team, and creating processes that enable smooth collaboration.

Landing your first role in Content Design

Five content design professionals share their journeys and advice on breaking into the field, discussing the importance of skill-building, portfolio creation, interview preparation, and leveraging unique experiences to transition into content design.

How to look like you know what you're doing (even if you don't)

Ben Dudley offers practical advice for new UX writers on how to navigate the first six months in a new role or company, sharing insights from his own journey and emphasizing the importance of learning from mistakes, celebrating successes, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Maps, meetings, & mess-making: Building a united strategy team

Marissa Epstein shares her experience in establishing a unified Strategy department at Lullabot, emphasizing the importance of collaboration, defining services, and mapping the client's journey to create consistent and intentional work as a team.

Building teams on trust

Sarah Johnson explores the impact of trust on team performance, sharing insights from her experience at CVS and providing guidance on how to build thriving teams through authentic leadership.

Learnings in leadership: things you’ve learned along the way and wish you knew before

5 content professionals share leadership insights: Navigating imposter syndrome, celebrating wins, and more.

Succeeding in Content Design with ADHD

Christina Vasilevski shares tips on how people with ADHD can thrive in content design, emphasizing how their unique abilities can be leveraged to create clear, concise, and user-friendly content.

You are the real MVP: How to apply the MVP concept to treat your career like a product

Jeneba Wint shares innovative strategies for career development, using the concept of a 'Minimum Viable Product' (MVP) from product management.

Neuroinclusive leadership: Insights to the neurodivergent content experience

Katrin Suetterlin explores the complexities of neurodiversity in the workplace, emphasizing the role of inclusive leadership and the need for a nuanced understanding of neurodivergent experiences.

Managers contain multitudes: How to turn your inner adversaries into friends & allies

Jen Dionisio shares her journey as a content strategist, her experiences in management and coaching, her personal growth during the pandemic, and offers insights and lessons to help others in their content strategy careers.

Fight for your promotion in 3 steps

Kevin Bui outlines a three-step approach to navigating promotions, focusing on auditing one's skills, reflecting on past projects, and gathering valuable testimonials from colleagues.

Courageous confidence for career change

Ayesha Akbar Ali shares her journey from copywriting to content design, highlighting the importance of hands-on courses, challenging traditional briefs, and the power of networking and mentorship.

My first 150 days as a UX Writing Manager

Mike Winnington shares experiences and insights from his initial 150 days as a UX Writing Manager at Doctolib, discussing his transition, struggles, and successes.

From freelance to full-time: How to ace content design interviews and pivot your career

Cara Lam shares her journey from freelance content writer to full-time content designer, offering insights on acing job applications and interviews.

How many Content Designers does it take to change a lightbulb?

Noni Hollonds, a design leader at Atlassian, shares her approach to content design resourcing and offers a framework for achieving balance in team support.

Leveling up by creating your own ladder to success

Laurah Mwirichia discusses career advancement in content design, emphasizing technical and strategic skills, cross-functional collaboration, and continuous learning.

Real talk: Burnout, imposter syndrome and taking time to care for the soul – because you matter most

An insightful panel discussion from the Perspectives 2022 Conference, focusing on burnout, imposter syndrome, and self-care in the content design industry.

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