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Fight for your promotion in 3 steps

Kevin Bui outlines a three-step approach to navigating promotions, focusing on auditing one's skills, reflecting on past projects, and gathering valuable testimonials from colleagues.

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In the seventh installment of our Perspectives series, we spotlight Kevin Bui, Senior Content Designer at Atlassian, as he unravels the intricacies of advocating for one's own promotion. Kevin delves deep into the challenges of recognizing one's achievements and effectively communicating them. He presents a three-step strategy, from skill audits to gathering colleague testimonials, guiding professionals on how to confidently pave their way to a more senior role. Join us as Kevin shares his invaluable insights, tools, and reflections on navigating the often daunting path to career advancement.

Meet our speaker

Photo of Kevin Bui
Kevin BuiSenior Content Designer, Atlassian

Kevin is a content designer based in sunny Queensland, Australia. He fell in love with content design through his hobby of board games and continues to gain inspiration from board games and video games to this day.

Kevin currently works at Atlassian as the content designer for the Automation platform. When he's not thinking about content and UX, Kevin spends his days watching pro wrestling and reading Harry Potter to his 18-month baby.

About this talk

In this presentation, Kevin Bui offers a structured approach to navigating promotions in the professional world. He starts by emphasizing the need to audit one's skills, ensuring that individuals are truly ready for the next step in their careers. Kevin then advocates for the importance of reflecting on past projects, suggesting that understanding one's impact can be a powerful tool in making a case for promotion.

He also stresses the significance of collecting testimonials from colleagues, highlighting that endorsements from peers and superiors can greatly strengthen one's position when seeking advancement. Wrapping up his talk, Kevin provides additional tips for career growth, urging listeners to be proactive and work closely with their managers while also addressing the ever-present challenge of imposter syndrome.

Lessons learned from Kevin

The Art of Self-Audit

Kevin emphasizes the importance of regularly auditing one's skills and contributions. This self-assessment isn't about being overly critical but about understanding where one stands in their career. By recognizing strengths and areas of improvement, individuals can make informed decisions about their readiness for a promotion and identify areas where they can add more value.

Reflecting on Past Contributions

It's not just about the number of projects one has completed but the impact of those projects. Kevin suggests taking the time to reflect on past work, understanding its tangible impacts, and how it contributed to the organization's goals. This reflection not only provides clarity on one's achievements but also helps in articulating one's value proposition during promotional discussions.

Harnessing the Power of Testimonials

While one's work should ideally speak for itself, having testimonials from colleagues can amplify its impact. Kevin highlights the importance of collecting feedback and testimonials, showcasing collaboration and influence. These testimonials serve as endorsements of one's skills and contributions, providing a more holistic view of one's role and impact within the organization.

About Perspectives Conf

This talk is part of Track #2 - Growing into a senior content role of the 2022 edition of our conference.

Perspectives Conf is the world’s first event specifically focused on the careers side of content. It’s been carefully curated to help people at all levels navigate the many facets of working in content – from being the first content person to hiring and growing a team.

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