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My first 150 days as a UX Writing Manager

Mike Winnington shares experiences and insights from his initial 150 days as a UX Writing Manager at Doctolib, discussing his transition, struggles, and successes.

In the fifth instalment of our Perspectives series, we feature Mike Winnington, detailing his experiences and insights from his first 150 days as a UX Writing Manager at Doctolib. He sheds light on the journey he embarked upon, how he transitioned from an individual contributor to a managerial role, his struggles, and successes along the way, and the lessons he gleaned.

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Meet our speaker

Photo of Mike Winnington
Mike WinningtonUX Writing Manager, Doctolib

Mike made the switch from individual contributor to manager when he joined the UX writing team at Doctolib in November 2021. Previously he worked at Getaround and BlaBlaCar. He's continuously trying to solve complex problems with the power of words.

About this talk

In his talk, Mike dives into his transition from being part of a team to leading one. He speaks about the thrill of onboarding his first recruit and the responsibilities attached. There's also anticipation for upcoming management training that he believes will help him develop and navigate his managerial role.

Mike discusses possible future scenarios, like the prospect of a team member leaving. He examines his potential reactions, questioning if he would feel joy for the person's new chance, or concern about the team's dynamics.

In the final part of his talk, Mike expresses eagerness for the rewarding moment of promoting a deserving team member. He wraps up by reflecting on the potential challenges and successes of his management journey, and expresses excitement for the learning and growth that lies ahead in his role as a UX Writing Manager.

Lessons learned from Mike

Leading with empathy

As a manager, it's about more than just managing tasks. It's a constant journey of learning and understanding. This involves empathy, seeing things from the perspective of your team members. Understanding their needs and experiences helps you become a more effective leader.

Handling managerial highs and lows

In the role of a manager, you carry a wide range of responsibilities that extend beyond just the work itself. This role involves nurturing your team, supporting their growth, and maintaining a positive working atmosphere. It's true, management can often feel like a roller coaster ride, filled with highs and lows. But it's during these very highs and lows that you discover your strength and resilience as a leader. Weathering these challenges not only strengthens your leadership but also brings your team closer, fostering a sense of trust and unity.

Joy in team member's growth

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a manager is witnessing the growth of your team members and celebrating their achievements. There is something deeply fulfilling about promoting someone on your team, acknowledging their hard work, and seeing their joy and appreciation. Such moments are not just wins for the individual but for the entire team. They serve as reminders that effective leadership isn't about personal gain; it's about cultivating success for everyone on your team. As a leader, your triumph lies in the triumphs of your team.

About Perspectives Conf

This talk is part of Track #3 - Managing people and content teams of the 2022 edition of our conference.

Perspectives Conf is the world’s first event specifically focused on the careers side of content. It’s been carefully curated to help people at all levels navigate the many facets of working in content – from being the first content person to hiring and growing a team.

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