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Courageous confidence for career change

Ayesha Akbar Ali shares her journey from copywriting to content design, highlighting the importance of hands-on courses, challenging traditional briefs, and the power of networking and mentorship.

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In the sixth installment of our Perspectives series, we feature Ayesha Akbar Ali, who delves into her transformative journey from copywriting to the realm of content design. Ayesha offers a candid look into the challenges and triumphs of her transition, the pivotal role of hands-on courses and mentorship, and the profound impact of networking in shaping her path to success as a Content Design Senior Analyst at Accenture Interactive.

Meet our speaker

Photo of Ayesha Akbar Ali
Ayesha Akbar AliContent Design Senior Analyst, Accenture Interactive

After years of writing creatively, one fine day Ayesha discovered the impact of her work. The euphoria of that experience stuck. She began to sniff around for more numbers before and after working on any project. Soon, she saw patterns behind the numbers, and realized it had more to do with customers and users' perception of words. There was no going back.

Ayesha realized the joy of writing for users, with evidence-based suggestions and evaluating her work after it went live. Hungry to dedicate herself to the craft, she found an opportunity with a supportive and open-minded team at Accenture Interactive.

About this talk

In her presentation, Ayesha delves deep into her journey transitioning into content design. She emphasizes the significance of recognizing one's starting ground, whether transitioning from copywriting or a completely different career. Ayesha touches upon the fears and uncertainties that often accompany such a career shift, from concerns about age and job security to the potential impacts on personal life.

She underscores the value of hands-on courses in content design, sharing her personal experiences and the mentorship she received. Ayesha also highlights the importance of challenging traditional briefs and the transformative power of networking within the global content design community.

Concluding her talk, Ayesha reflects on her successful transition and the supportive environment she found, encouraging others to seek guidance and mentorship on their own paths.

Lessons learned from Ayesha

Recognizing Your Starting Ground

Every individual has a unique starting point in their career journey. Whether transitioning from copywriting, broader content roles, or an entirely different field, it's crucial to acknowledge and leverage this foundation. By understanding where you begin, you can identify opportunities within your current role to dabble in new areas, such as content design or customer experience, and set the stage for a successful transition.

Facing Fears with a Low-Risk Approach

Transitioning to a new career path is often accompanied by fears and uncertainties. Ayesha emphasizes the importance of confronting these fears head-on. Instead of diving in blindly, she suggests a low-risk strategy: utilize existing resources, relationships, and knowledge to explore the new career avenue. By doing so, you can gain a clearer understanding of the field, determine its fit, and make informed decisions about your future.

The Power of Networking and Mentorship

Building connections within the global content design community can be a game-changer. Ayesha underscores the invaluable support, mentorship, and shared experiences that can be gained from networking. By connecting with seasoned professionals, one can gain insights into their journeys, learn about transferable skills, and receive guidance. This sense of community not only provides emotional support during challenging times but also opens doors to opportunities and growth in the content design realm.

About Perspectives Conf

This talk is part of Track #1 - Breaking into content design of the 2022 edition of our conference.

Perspectives Conf is the world’s first event specifically focused on the careers side of content. It’s been carefully curated to help people at all levels navigate the many facets of working in content – from being the first content person to hiring and growing a team.

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