Perspectives Conf

Peer interviews

Personal accounts and stories from content professionals who share their experiences, challenges, and insights, providing a glimpse into the real-world of content work and the people behind it.

Sarah Winters

Talking career and content design with Sarah Winters, author of ‘Content Design’ and CEO of Content Design London

Michael J. Metts

Content Design Director Michael J. Metts talks UX, content, conversational AI, and his career to date

Andy Welfle

Talking content and career with Andy Welfle, author and Adobe UX content strategist

Mario Ferrer

Working in gaming tech, career progression and building a community with King’s Lead Content Designer, Mario Ferrer

Mike Petroff

From content strategy to product management; career reflection with Mike Petroff of Harvard

Candi Williams

Candi Williams’ content design career to-date, advice for hiring managers, and tips to help break through biases

Kristina Halvorson

Kristina Halvorson on popularising content strategy, writing a ground-breaking book, and running two conferences (including advice and tips)

Keri Maijala

Keri Maijala on a career in content strategy, working for herself, and building an engaged team at LinkedIn

Inside Content Design at BT

Inside Content Design at BT with Rachel McConnell

Jane Ruffino

Jane Ruffino on teaching UX writing, a passion for design, and creating a content design consultancy (plus advice and tips)

Whitney Homans

Inside Content at Instacart with Whitney Homans

Scott Kubie

Scott Kubie talks content strategy, consulting and consistency of vision

Beth Dunn

Beth Dunn on her career path in content, using content design to solve thorny problems, and content career advice

Inside Content Design at IBM

Inside Content Design at IBM with Tom Waterton, Content Design Lead

Nicole Michaelis

Nicole Michaelis on teaching content marketing, running a business and UX writing at Spotify (includes tips and advice)

Inside Content Strategy at Lullabot

Inside Content Strategy at Lullabot with Greg Dunlap, Director of Strategy and Erin Schroeder, Content Strategist

Jonathon Colman

Jonathon Colman on UX content strategy, recruiting designers and building teams (includes tips and advice)

Tracy Playle

From content strategy to ContentEd; career reflection with Tracy Playle of Pickle Jar Communications

Jonathan McFadden

Jonathan McFadden on telling stories, starting a DEI group, and the importance of using content to connect people

Patrick Stafford

Patrick Stafford on transitioning from journalist to UX practitioner, learning on the job, and helping to run UX Content Collective

HubSpot content design panel Q&A

Three HubSpot content design experts share invaluable career advice and insights

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